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"When I first saw Danielle Thomassy for my addiction and low self-esteem issues I was scared, desperate and thought no one could help me. I wasn’t one to ask for help and opening up to a stranger wasn’t something I thought I would be able to do.  But Danielle helped me to understand that therapy was a safe space and working to the root of my addiction was the only way to overcome. Thanks to Danielle I am now living my best life."


"Danielle Thomassy used EMDR with me to work through some painful experiences I went through as a child. Prior to meeting with Danielle, I did not believe in therapy. I could not stop drinking. Danielle gave me tools to stay sober and helped me forgive myself and grow from my past. She was my voice of reason."


"Danielle Thomassy saved my life. I have over two years sober, which felt like an impossible goal prior to my work with her. She knows what she is doing. I highly recommend anyone see Danielle if they are struggling with addiction."


"I highly recommend Danielle Thomassy. Had it not been for her, I would not be here to write this. Suicide took hold of my brain on a daily basis. I’ve been in therapy throughout my life, but never worked with anyone like Danielle. Her knowledge, compassion, interest and directness took me to a place of honesty, emotion and serenity. Danielle’s expertise is beyond greatness. She got to my core and in turn, gave me the willingness to dig deep without question. Today, I am on a positive journey through life. Danielle has given me a reason to live in a peaceful place. My admiration for her is beyond grateful. Danielle holds a place in my heart no one else will ever fill."


"Danielle Angellakis has changed my outlook on life. She also changed the direction of my life. I made so many epiphanies and breakthroughs with her. In working with Danielle, I grew stronger. She is knowledgable, professional, and compassionate. I can't thank her enough."


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